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February 16 & 17 | $75 | FBC Plant City

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Most couples do not know “how” to be married.  Adventures in Marriage “AIM” helps couples discover better ways to meet one another’s needs, communicate, resolve conflicts, express anger, avoid dirty fighting, and understand how their personality styles impact relationships for better or worse.  Fun, practical, and easy to learn, AIM is appropriate for couples at any age or stage.  The program is designed to reach couples across the spectrum – from happy and highly motivated to struggling and highly distressed.

Adventures in Marriage combines Biblical principles with the latest research to provide specific, practical, attainable skills for a successful marriage. Come learn how to create the marriage you have always wanted with the spouse you already have!

Some of the benefits from Adventures in Marriage include:

  • Recognize when your communication style is more of a problem than the actual problem you are facing

  • Develop the ability to feel genuine empathy for your partner instead of resentment

  • Express yourself clearly so that your thoughts and feelings can be recognized and understood without causing your spouse to feel defensive, resentful, overwhelmed, manipulated or inadequate

  • Avoid the mind reading that so often leads to misunderstanding between couples, and learn to avoid assumptions

  • Express and accept anger without destroying love

  • Fight in a way to resolve the issues at hand and actually feel closer to your spouse

  • Acknowledge and enjoy the differences between you and your spouse, rather than seeing him/her as a threat

  • Understand what went wrong in prior relationships or what’s going wrong now


About Our Facilitators

Darin and Deborah Saley have been married for 35 years.  They have four beautiful children and four grandchildren. 


If you had asked them to describe their marriage, they (like many married couples) would have said it was "good." However, as they began to embrace and apply the principles they were learning and teaching as certified marriage coaches, they (along with others) began to notice their own marriage was slowly being transformed by God's truths into a "great" one through marriage and relationship education “MRE.”


For the last twelve years, Darin and Deborah have been mentoring and coaching pre-married and married couples seeking enrichment and those in crisis through intensives, retreats, weekend conferences, individual/couples sessions, and marriage mentor certification training. Whether you are simply seeking to learn how to have a healthy relationship, in a good relationship that you want to make better, or in crisis…they would love to be used by God to help you!

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