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Compassion Journey

WHO: FREE for All Ages!


The Compassion Journey is an audio-guided trip through six hands-on learning stations that share with visitors the environments and some of the unique challenges that face those growing up under the weight of extreme poverty. It also provides a chance to reflect and share in short break-out style conversations about what each one in your group is taking in. This event allows visitors to dive a bit deeper into topics of global hunger, living environments and the conditions children in poverty face every day. It is our hope that this experience will play a role in challenging us all to become more aware of the challenges that exist for children growing up on less than $2/day.



  • Friday, October 15th  |  2 PM - 7 PM  

  • Saturday, October 16th  |  10 AM - 6 PM  

  • Sunday, October 17th  |  8 AM - 1 PM  

WHERE:  Commons


FOCUS GROUP:  Chiapas, Mexico


We will have iPods available for your use or you may access the audio program by scanning with your smart phone upon arrival.  Disposable headphones will be available for those that choose to use their phones. The iPods will be cleaned and sanitized after each use for your safety and convenience.

Must register to save your spot!

(Walk-ins subject to availability.)