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great questions ministry

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Daniel Helms
Single's Pastor


Have you ever asked some of life’s greatest questions?

  • If God is good then why does so much suffering exist in the world?

  • How could a loving God ever send people to Hell?

  • How can I trust the Bible?

If you have battled with these questions our church wants to help. We are starting a ministry called, Great Questions. The goal of this ministry is to provide a safe place where church people and unchurched people can come and ask some of life’s toughest questions.

We will have a team of people who are trained and ready to respond from a Christian perspective. No debating. No arguing. No going back and forth. You ask and our team will respond with gentleness and kindness.


When We Meet:

(All Sessions meet at the Midweek Building, 105 E. Baker St.)

  • Next Date: TBD

If you are interested in getting more information about this meeting or serving this ministry please email Shannon Williams at or call our church office at 813-752-4101.

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