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I am so excited about our series Last Things.

People wonder and speculate about what may happen at the end of time.  Others compare the latest global crisis or scientific discovery with Scripture to determine when (or if) the Lord may return.  Even others seem to make up their own stories or timelines about what may happen. But God’s Word is clear – crystal clear – about the Last Things that will take place. 

Remember, the goal is not to determine what every trumpet or bowl may be in Revelation, the ultimate goal should be to know the Lord and grow in our walk with Him each day. When we do that, we will be ready when He comes.

Rest assured, the Lord is coming!  Are you ready?

~ Pastor Brian

Date          Message Title

09-08        Overview

09-15        Rapture of the Church

09-22        Tribulation

09-29        Judgement Seat of Christ

10-06        Second Coming of Christ

10-13        Millennium

10-20        Final Battle

10-27        Great White Throne Judgement

11-04        New Heaven and New Earth

11-10        Last Things on Last Things

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