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The SOlution


Ultimately, the 57 acre Promise Land and the master plan developed by Myrick, Gurosky, and Associates will accommodate the needs of our church for generations to come. Our current Phase One relocation plan is designed to move as many of us as possible to the new campus at once. For a time, however, we will operate on two campuses in order to accommodate all of our space needs.

Worship: The 60,000 square foot Phase One construction project will include a Worship Center that will accommodate 1800 without a balcony, a significant increase in capacity over our current sanctuary. The interior design, modular stage, and lighting and audio equipment will be suitable for both a blended, or traditional style, and also for more contemporary worship styles. The front section of seating nearest the stage can be reconfigured for various events even accommodating tables for a conference style setting. 

Fellowship: A new “Commons” space will wrap around two sides of the Worship Center and provide a comfortable community area more than twice the size of our current Fellowship Hall. This will enhance casual interaction among members before and after services by eliminating narrow, crowded halls and stairs. For organized events, such as banquets, over 550 people may be accommodated at tables in the same space.

Education: The adjoining two story education building will ultimately provide 28 meeting rooms for preschoolers and children, and a large children’s church meeting space, all in an attractive, exciting, and easily secured environment. Until the time that our children’s ministry increases significantly in size, we will utilize one classroom wing for adult Sunday School classes.

Parking: With 57 acres, we have enough land to park thousands of cars! Parking should never again be an obstacle to growth. Surprisingly, the current design allows for the very farthest parking space to be less than 400 feet from the nearest entrance.

First Baptist Church Plant City

3309 James L. Redman Pkwy

Plant City, Fl 33566


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