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Questions and Answers


How will this building project help us reach our community for Christ?

  • The only thing that will reach our community for Christ is for our members to faithfully and obediently observe the teachings of scripture. We must Love the Lord with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind. Jesus said this is the greatest commandment. If this is how much we love God, our natural response is to spend time with Him, serve Him, and learn more about Him.

  • Jesus went on to say that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. If we love our neighbors this much, it will not go unnoticed. People will be drawn to Christ as we reflect His great love.

  • A location and a building are tools to facilitate God’s work. Using these and other tools:

    • We worship God corporately,

    • We study His Word with other believers,

    • We encourage one another,

    • We minister to the needy in the church and outside of the church,

    • We work to evangelize our community,

    • We support ministries around the world.

  • We believe that everyone in our growing community can benefit from the ministry of this church as we faithfully follow the Lord.


Why do we need to relocate our church?

  • Our crowded downtown properties consist of eighteen parcels spread over portions of eight blocks; slightly more than seven acres in total. Every contiguous property purchased through the years has come at great cost and added little space for future expansion. We are surrounded by state highways, the railroad, a bank, and Plant City’s Historic District.

  • Lack of downtown acreage limits nearby parking, and prevents us from sustaining any sort of outdoor recreational activities. Construction of additional buildings, whether for educational or recreational use would further restrict parking.

  • With multiple worship services and Sunday School sessions we are able to accommodate more people than we once did, but this creates other issues. While worship space is sufficient for current needs, narrow halls and stairs severely restrict movement between services.

  • The Fellowship Hall with a comfortable seating capacity of about 300, is our largest gathering space other than the Worship Center. We need a room two to three times this size to accommodate the needs of our large congregation.

  • Preschool space is at a premium as our small ones do not move between worship and Sunday School spaces, but remain in their same rooms all morning. Multiple services do not help our preschool division.

  • Plant City continues to grow. Census data tells us that Florida’s population is growing by nearly 1,000 per day, with close to half of those locating around the Interstate 4 corridor. Two recent projects anticipate over 3600 new homes and perhaps 10,000 or more new residents.

  • Pastor Brian Stowe was called to our church for such a time as this. We can look back over thirty years, however, to former pastors Ron Cherry, Lonnie Shull, Ron Churchill, and Michael Lewis who were likewise convinced that ongoing growth of the church would require more space than is available downtown. 


How will we pay for this?

  • The Promise Land Team has had a Finance Subcommittee since its inception over ten years ago. These individuals have tracked the financial health of our church for many years looking at information such as:

    • Our annual budget doubled from $1.8 million when we bought the Promise Land property in 2004 to a proposed  $3.6 million budget for 2016,

    • Faithfulness in giving, currently more than $160,000 beyond budget needs,

    • Rigorous audits are performed annually,

    • Strong response to previous capital campaigns, the last of which ended over 6 years ago.

  • This capital campaign, “For Generations to Come,” is the key to the overall relocation effort. Our success in reaching the commitment goals will be an indication of our financial strength to lenders who will provide supplemental financing.

  • We have not used budget funds in recent history to pay for buildings and properties we have purchased because we have been able to use successive campaigns to retire debt relatively quickly. 


How long is the commitment to this campaign?
Commitments to the “For Generations to Come” campaign will be from November of 2015 through October 2018, a three year period. 

What does “commitment” mean?
To make a commitment is to offer to the Lord whatever amount He may lead us to determine, in order to participate in the overall project. Commitments are between the individual and the Lord, as He directs and provides. 

Why should I sign a pledge to the “For Generations to Come” campaign?
We ask that the amounts be shared with the campaign leadership using a pledge card which will be provided to each church family. We will need to determine a total pledged amount, which will be announced on Celebration Sunday, November 22, 2015. 

How can I help?
Some commitments will be fulfilled at the beginning, perhaps in connection with Celebration Sunday and the First Fruits Offering, on November 8 of this year. Others will choose to give weekly, monthly, or quarterly as the Lord leads and provides.

First Baptist Church Plant City

3309 James L. Redman Pkwy

Plant City, Fl 33566


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