active Senior Adults

In the Active Senior Adult Ministry at First Baptist, we know that being age 60 or older is just the beginning! In fact, we're among the most active and involved groups in our whole church family. We love to serve, rather than be served. We love to give of ourselves, rather than receive from others. It's a vibrant, amazing, fun season of life -- and we believe in living it to the fullest!


When We Meet:​

Small Group Bible Study:

8:00 am:

•  Bugg/Carr (Coed 60s+) Room 112 

9:00 am:

•  Skinner (Coed 50s+) Room 1, Modular Building


10:30 am:


•  McDonald (Coed 60s-70s) Room 111

•  Rollyson (Coed 60s-70s) Room 2, Modular Building 

•  Shivers (Coed 60s-70s) Room 3, Modular Building 

•  Davis (Coed 60s-70s) Room 8, Modular Building

•  Ward/Shepherd (Coed 70 +) Room 1, Modular Building



•  Britt (Women 60s+) Room 6, Modular Building

•  Shuman (Women 70s+) Room 5, Modular Building 

•  Mathis/Dyer (Women 70s+) Room 7, Modular Building

•  Durham/Griffin (Women 70s+) 


•  Ross (Men 70s+) Room 9, Modular Building



Midweek Bible Study:

6:15 pm: 

•  Men's MinistryRoom 2, Modular Building

•  Women's MinistryRoom 111-112

•  Wednesday in the Word (Coed), Room 113-114
        Now Available Online!

(To participate through Zoom, please contact Claude Walker via email at:


Claude Walker

Active Senior
Adult Pastor