First Baptist Church Plant City

3309 James L. Redman Pkwy
Plant City, Fl 33566

Tel: 813.752.4104

Newsline: 813.754.6397

Offices and Mailing Address:

503 N. Palmer Street, Plant City, Fl 33563


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Deacon Selection

According to scripture, deacon selection is based upon an individual's character, commitment, and service to Christ and His church.


  • Be above reproach, both inside and outside the church. (1 Tim.3:7,10) 

  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit. (Acts 6:3) 

  • Not be self-centered, quick-tempered, violent or contentious. (1 Tim 3:3) 

  • Abstain from any association with alcohol, drugs, etc. that would distort his testimony or cause another believer to stumble. (1 Tim. 3:3,8) 

  • Be in control of his tongue as evidenced by the fact that he is not a gossip, can keep confidences, and is not a critical person. (1 Tim. 3:3,8) 

  • Be one who manages his own household well, resulting in love and respect from his wife and children, if married. Be “the husband of one wife” with a demonstrated knowledge of the God-ordained institution of marriage. (1 Tim. 3:12) 

  • Know what he believes and be able to discern false doctrine and share the truth with others.(1 Tim.3:2,9,16) 

  • Be free from the love of money and diligently seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness. (1 Tim. 3:8; Matt. 6:33) 

  • Be a mature Christian, not a new convert.(1 Tim.3:6,10) 

  • Be a New Testament steward as evidenced by giving generously to First Baptist Church as God has prospered him, (1 Cor. 16:1, 2) and tithe 10% of his income to the ministry of the church. 

  • Do all in his power to create and preserve harmony in the church. (1 Tim. 3:13) 

  • Recognize the God-given leadership role incumbent upon the Pastor and seek to serve under that leadership. (Titus 1:5-9) 

  • If married, be one whose wife is guided by these same principles. (1 Tim. 3:11)

Our Current Active Deacons

Mike Fisher
David Gifford
Dub McGinnes
David Morris
Jimmie Dan Robinson
Greg Shiver
Olan Stephens
Mark Yarbrough
James P. (Boots) Adcock
Ray Brownlee
John Bugg
Coleman Davis
Scott Godheim
Mark McDonald
Andrew    McNair
Bill Morrow
Mark Nipper
Steve Shissler
Steve Shouse
Chris Steele
Harold Woodall
David Cruzado
Jerry Eddlemon
Tim Falter
Jeff Hanna
Byron Humphrey
Randall    Miller
Dee Owen
Ed Raburn
Mark Rothman
Jason Runkles
David Sparkman
Chad Varney