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Hello Mobile Giver!

Throughout this global pandemic our church has been blessed in so many ways. We have found new ways to reach and serve our community. Our giving has been unexpectedly strong, especially given the fact that many are out of work. We thank the Lord for His ongoing blessings, and we thank you for your faithful giving to our church.

We will be changing our online donation and payment system to a new company which will save the church a considerable amount in processing fees, and provide you with some additional benefits. Once this change is implemented, you will be able to give from any device; computer, tablet, or phone. Text-to-give is a new option you may want to consider. The new system will be in sync with our church database, which opens up some new possibilities. You will be able to login at any time and see your own contributions, where you are on your pledge, and even see your year-end statement. The actual change will take place June 15, when our contract with Push Pay, the current provider, expires.

The mobile app takes a bit longer to develop but will be available soon. We are providing links to give you options to continue your mobile giving through a couple of different avenues. We know you will find these just as easy to use in the meantime.


NEW "Text-to-Give" Instructions:

  • Phone Number: 813-750-0635

  • Text Word: KEYWORD and the dollar amount that you wish to give. For example, to give $200 to Destination Next, you would type "NEXT 200." (see image below for more details) 

Text to Give Screenshot.jpg

You can also click on the blue "ONLINE GIVING" button below to give online through the church's new online giving portal.

NEW "Online Giving Portal" Instructions:

  • Login HERE

  • Click "SIGN UP"

Capture Online Giving Portal.JPG
  • Enter Your Info: You will then be prompted to enter your First Name, Last Name, Address, and create a Password. Then click "SIGN UP" again.

Capture Online Giving Portal 2.JPG
  • Set Up Your Giving: Consider setup of a “Recurring” contribution at whatever frequency you choose -OR- select “Give One Time”.

  • Multiple Giving: In the new system there is a “+” sign next to the area of giving which allows you to give to multiple areas in one transaction. For example, you can give to Tithes and Destination Next in one transaction. 

Capture Online Giving Portal 3.JPG
  • Choose Your Area(s) of Giving: Click the plus sign and use the drop-down arrow to choose your areas of giving.

Capture Online Giving Portal 4.JPG
  • Choose “ACH” or “Credit/Debit”. 

  • Fill in your information.

  • Click the blue "Make Donation" bar at the bottom to complete the transaction.

This change of providers was decided late last year prior to the coronavirus pandemic. We wish it were not necessary to make this change right now, but our contract is expiring. Since more than half of our church’s donations are received electronically, it is critical that we make this transition smoothly. Please help us out by setting up your Online Giving account as soon as possible.


We would like to make this transition as simple as possible, so if you have any questions or need help navigating the change, we are always here to help!  You can reach us by calling the church office (813) 752-4104, extension 1043, or emailing Tricia Shinneman at

We are praying for you and your family during this time!

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