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discipling - one to one

What is a disciple, and what is discipling? There are probably many answers that come to mind. In a broad sense, it takes place in everything we do as a church. Through our worshiping: the songs we sing, the prayers we lift, the biblical preaching that takes place; Through our growing: the small group ministry; the Bible-centered teaching, and the fellowship and conversations as close relationships form; Through our serving; holding a door, welcoming a guest, serving coffee, caring for one another, and assisting one another; Through our reaching: the spreading of the gospel of Jesus in both deed and word to a community living apart from God.


Not everyone is called to preach, or teach, or lead in front of the group. But, every believer is called to discipling. Matthew 28 tells us all to go and make disciples. Are you? If you are interested in taking part in a one-to-one or one to a few discipling group, click one of the buttons below.

disciples path - wednesday courses

In Colossians 1:10, Paul tells the church, the followers of Christ: “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

Helping people to “walk worthy of the Lord” in daily living is the goal of the Discipleship Ministry of First Baptist Church. From our Sunday small groups to our Wednesday discipleship opportunities, the desire is to help one another "walk worthy."


Our Wednesday classes include ongoing Bible studies and short-term courses, all with long-term benefits. From the youngest to the oldest, there are offerings for everyone to learn and grow in their relationship with the Lord and others.

Walk with us; walk worthy!

Spring 2024 Wednesday Discipleship Classes for Adults

GriefShare - Begins 1-24-24
6:00 pm | Modular 6
Coleman Davis, Jeff Hanna

At GriefShare you’ll receive valuable guidance and tips, leading you to relief, comfort, and peace of mind. Questions? Contact Bryan Hunsaker



Men's Ministry
6:15 pm | Modular 2

Tommy Warnock


Men gather weekly for fellowship, worship and a relevant message from God's Word... with a few surprise throw in for good measure! Questions? Contact Tommy Warnock

Disciples Path - Missions
"Life on Mission"  |  6:15 pm | Rm 110

Adam Cunningham

Jesus called each of His followers to "Go" and "Make" disciples. In this 13-week course, Adam Cunningham will focus on living a "Life on Mission" within the home and in your neighborhood.


Questions? Contact Jay Strike

Disciples Path - Christian Discipleship
"Discipling"  |  6:15 pm  |  Modular 5

Jay Strike

We are all called to make and teach disciples. God calls us to be relational and intentional with our faith  within the community of the church. This course will focus on the what and the why before digging into the how in a later class.

Questions? Contact Jay Strike

Women's Ministry
6:15 pm | Rm 111-112

Kay Morris

Each week women gather to study God's word, fellowship, and offer support to one another. Different books and topics are explored throughout the year. Questions? Contact Kay Morris

Disciples Path - Foundations
"Rooted"  |  6:15 pm | 109

Todd Beckman

Rooted is a 13-week, group-discipleship resource that introduces participants to foundational Christian beliefs and the 7 Rhythms of a Disciple found in the New Testament. It also provides experiential learning opportunities for the participants to live out their faith. Rooted reveals who God is and how to live as His disciple and can refocus faith and ignite new passion.


Space is Limited and there is a required workbook for this course ($18)


Questions? Contact Jay Strike

Disciples Path - Core Beliefs for Daily Living
"Revelation"  |  6:15 pm | 113-114

Bill Morrow

John's words in Revelation are comfort for the temporary pain and persecution we face in this world. We must stand firm, never compromise, and remain faithful to our Lord!

Participants must purchase the book: Revelation: The Ultimate Hope in Christ by Dr. David Jeremiah

Questions? Contact Jay Strike

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