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About Ministering Singles

The Ministering Singles Ministry of First Baptist Church has a heart to serve those within our church and our community. This is where faith meets action, barriers can be diminished, and the gospel can be shared.

Instead of a Singles ministry group (Inward focused), we want to be a Ministering Singles group (Outward focused) of all adult ages. This would be for all adults that do not necessarily fit into the current singles groups that focus on a college education and/or a future Career.


We will be looking for opportunities to witness through acts of service as a group, like in the mission field. When someone opens their personal space due to a need in their life that you are willing to fulfill, they are open to hear your testimony and witness of those doing the work. The initial barriers of the people in need come down, and they will listen out of gratitude and courtesy. There will be little antagonism towards you, especially when they know that you are a Christian serving them and that they accepted your help.

  • External outreach - The focus will be primarily a Local Outward focus ministry, to the people or groups outside our church. Adding value in bringing people to Christ and potentially drawing people to the church congregation.

  • Internal outreach - Helping our church family and church in functions as a Singles group wherever we can, adding value in service to the church body, making connections in the Church and building relationships within our group, the congregation and engaging more Singles to draw them into the ‘MS group’ mission.

  • Ministering to those in the ‘MS Group’ – Being either a brother or sister in ministering to the internal needs of the group, always placing emphasis on the person need to have an outward focus in ministering to others and not internalizing focus on their own issues.



If you have questions, please contact:

Michael Thompson: 813.245.4291
Jay Strike: 813.752.4104 x118

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