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NationaL REACH Opportunities

Anchorage, Alaska

Our partnership in Alaska is one of our oldest church planting relationships. We have been supporting True North Church since 2013. Brian Hicks, the pastor, and his wife Debra, are passionate about developing relationships that point people to Jesus and they are leading their church to do the same.


Trip Details:

During your time in Alaska, your team will canvas the community and simply love on the people. Sometimes this means handing out donuts, smoke detectors, or maybe even spending time at the laundromat sharing with the people while they wash their laundry. Another big community outreach is the Forest Fair. All of these mission projects are designed to serve the community and show them the love of God. 

Date: TBD
Contact: PASTOR TOMMY WARNOCK 813.752.4104 //

Daytona, Florida

Join us and around 500,000 mostly lost people in Daytona Beach for Bike Week. We will  minister by sharing our 3-minute testimony leading into the gospel. Each year around 3,000 people stop under our Faith Rider Tent.  You don’t have to  own a motorcycle to come, just a passion to share with the lost!

Date: TBD

Contact: ROGER BLETHEN 813.924.9035 //

Palatka, Florida

The Branch Community Church is FBCPC's newest church plant. The pastor, Daniel Helms, served on our staff for a number of years before being called to plant The Branch Community Church in Palatka. Daniel, his wife, Audrey, and their team, are working to saturate the community in Palatka with the Gospel to see disciples made and the Great Commission fulfilled. FBCPC is excited to be a part of this ministry in financial support as well as sending others out to help.

Date: TBD

Contact: PASTOR ADAM CUNNINGHAM 813.752.4104 //

Portland, Oregon

Sojourn PDX was planted in 2017, and continues to develop. It's been said that Portland is the 13th least-churched city in the nation. With this kid of statistic, discipleship and church growth simply requires one thing: loving people. Teams going to Portland will be working with Sojourn Church and Pastor Matt Boyd and his family to host community outreach events such as Serve the City, partnering with local schools, hosting summer kids day camps, and other local events.

Date: TBD

Contact: ADAM CUNNINGHAM 813.752.4104 //

Pittsburgh, PA

New Horizon Church, led by Will Cole, is one of our more recent church-planting partnerships. New Horizon is engaging the community through neighborhood-centric gatherings where the church will become family, pursue transformation, love their neighbors and celebrate what God is doing. As with many new churches, NHC will initially use short-term teams to expand their reach by sharing the Gospel and supporting the church in whatever it needs.

Date: TBD

Contact: ADAM CUNNINGHAM 813.752.4104 //


Radiant Church, led by Jason Lankford and his family, is our latest church-planting partnership. Radiant Church is a church plant through the Salt Network, which strategically works to plant thriving churches with established college ministries in global university centers. Radiant Church is due to open its doors sometime in 2022.


Date: TBD

Contact: ADAM CUNNIGHAM 813-752-4104 //

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