NationaL REACH Opportunities

Anchorage, Alaska

True North Church in Anchorage, Alaska is presently our strongest church planting relationship. Jason and Caroline Lankford have been ministering to the people of Alaska for nearly seven years, and our church has been supporting them over four years. During your time in Anchorage, your team will canvas the community and simply love on the people.  Sometimes this means handing out donuts, or smoke detectors, or maybe even spending time at a laundry-mat sharing with the people while they wash their laundry.  Another big community outreach is the Forest Fair where teams serve the community. All of these mission projects are designed to serve the community and show them that True North loves them and has a message of life to share with them. 

Date: TBD

Team Size: 15 // Estimated Cost: $1,700

Who: Ages 15+ with a guardian
Contact: PASTOR TOMMY WARNOCK 813.752.4104 //

Daytona, Florida

Join us and around 500,000 mostly lost people in Daytona Beach for Bike Week. We will  minister by sharing our 3-minute testimony leading into the gospel. Each year around 3,000 people stop under our Faith Rider Tent.  You don’t have to  own a motorcycle to come, just a passion to share with the lost!

Date: TBD

Team Size: 15-20 // Estimated Cost: $150

Who: Ages 14+ with a guardian

Contact: PAT LYNCH 813.629.1061 //

Palatka, Florida

The Palatka trip will focus on projects needed to prepare the church's facility for worship services. Main projects will include: renovation work, yard work, and cleaning.

Date: November 12th-14th, 2021

Informational Meeting: October 24th (immediately following the 2nd service)  |  Room 114

Cost: $50

Who: Anyone

Contact: PASTOR ADAM CUNNINGHAM 813.752.4104 //

Portland, Oregon

Sojourn PDX is our latest church-plant. It’s  been said that Portland is the 13th least churched city in the Nation.  With this kind of stat, discipleship and church growth simply requires one thing— loving people. During our time in Portland, we’ll be hosting community outreach events such as: Serve the City, partnering with local schools, and possibly a soccer camp.  Neighborhood & Block Parties are another great way to meet the community. 

Date: TBD

Team Size: 10-15 // Estimated Cost: $900

Who: Students Age 15+ with a guardian

Contact: ADAM CUNNINGHAM 813.752.4104 //