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Welcome to the Hispanic Ministry

Our church’s mission is:

“Leading people beyond ‘just good enough’ to experience L.I.F.E. in Christ.”

Coming to serve

Investing in the Kingdom

Faithfully giving

Loving God and others

Our Culture in Christ:

1. Love God above all else

2. Love your neighbor as yourself

3. Love and edify the church as Christ loved us

4. Keep God’s Word

5. Evangelize

6. Disciple

7. Pray


Weekly Schedule


9:00 am  – Spanish Service

11:00 am – Sunday School

6:15 pm  – Spanish Service



5:30 pm  – Choir Practice

7:00 pm - Evangelism


6:15 pm – Spanish Service



6:30 pm – English Bible Study

FBCPC Hispanic Ministry Facebook Page


John Foxx

Spanish Pastor


Hispanic Ministry will continue to meet at our original location, at 503 N Palmer St. We hope to see you there, and God bless you!

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